When will iOS and OS X finally meet, or have they already?

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Apple has definitely received some harsh criticism in the past concerning the creation of its walled garden. With no less than nine different parts of Apple’s ecosystem that make it hard to leave Apple, many of their competitors are now looking to create the same sort of experience for their customers. This all-inclusive environment includes many of the iCloud services, iMessage, GameCenter and FaceTime friends, and even accessories that support AirPlay and AirPrint.

Until recently, the decision one made when purchasing an iPhone, iPad and Mac was based in part on the different tasks one could perform on each different device. But for many, those differences may no longer exist. Let me explain.

Recent updates to both iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks have made it much easier to transition between each of the devices Apple sells, no matter if that device is an iPhone, an iPad…

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