Meet Blackphone, a security-centric handset from some serious encryption veterans

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In case you weren’t sure, your phone is not truly secure. The NSA and who-knows-who-else can hack into iPhone(s aapl), Android(s goog) and even BlackBerry(s bbry) devices. So here, finally, is a device that promises privacy in your pocket. Meet the Blackphone.

The first thing you need to worry about with promises like these is who’s behind them. In this case, it’s a solid crew – Blackphone comes from Silent Circle, the secure communications firm founded by PGP creator Phil Zimmermann and Jon Callas, which has set up a joint venture with the small Spanish handset maker Geeksphone. Geeksphone has made Android handsets for years, though generally for a specialist audience (its latest effort can run either Android or a version of Firefox OS).

Blackphone uses a security-focused version of Android called PrivatOS, that should be able to run all the normal Android apps. It can also…

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