Saving the Unseen 1984 Steve Jobs Mac Demo: Behind the Scenes

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Last weekend, when I shared the unseen January 1984 Boston Computer Society meeting at which Steve Jobs and team demonstrated the Mac, I mentioned that Glenn Koenig, the BCS’s videographer, had saved it for all these years in a now-obsolete tape format: U-matic. Glenn shared a few fun photos of the setup he used in his video studio to get the meeting off that fragile tape and into a format everybody can enjoy.

Here’s a selfie Glenn took of himself with the precious original tape. As you can see, U-matic, which Sony began developing in the late 1960s — originally for consumers, though it turned out it was most popular for corporate and education use — involves a cartridge that’s a lot bigger than a VHS or Betamax.

Glenn Koenig
Glenn Koenig

This is the industrial-strength U-matic VCR which Glenn used for the transfer. It’s been a long time since Sony made…

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