PlayStation 4 Oculus Rift Rival May Be Unveiled at GDC Next Month

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PlayStation 4 owners, listen up, because it sounds like those grapevine tales of a virtual reality headset for Sony’s console that’d square off with Oculus VR’s Rift could finally pan out at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next month.

TechRadar cites “an inside source” who’s laid hands on the “helmet” (TechRadar’s term), and who says Sony’s finally ready to come clean about its existence. “The quality and resolution are really, really good,” says TechRadar’s tipster, adding “People will definitely be impressed with what Sony’s built.”

Put March 17 on your calendar then, if you haven’t already: That’s when GDC 2014 takes place in San Francisco, running through the 21. Unlike the spectacle that defines (and undermines) a trade fair like E3, GDC is put on by professional game developers, for professional game developers. It’s the most highly esteemed annual games show.

In the future, we’ll probably plug wireless receivers…

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