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Keep Your $500,000 GTA Online Stimulus, Rockstar — Just Fix the Game

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You have to respect Rockstar for releasing GTA Online as straight-up GTA Online and not some milksop hedge like “GTA Online Beta.” Lesser companies do that for months or years while taking your money to play; Rockstar launched Grand Theft Auto V‘s online mode weeks after the game came out and lets you access it at leisure for nothing.

Given that, I consider GTA Online an afterthought to the game’s $60 upfront outlay. GTA V, which is what most — if not all — players are dropping money to play, is a sprawling behemoth of a game. Say what you will about its existential import; if we tied what a company charged for this amount of content at this refinement level to the perceived consumer value of said product, the sticker tag price would rise like a ball hit by Chris Davis into the stratosphere.

So when GTA Online

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This Is What Valve’s Steam Controller Looks Like In Action (Which Is to Say, Pretty Slick)

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Convinced Valve’s Steam Controller revolutionizes gamepads as we know them? Me neither. But the video above goes some distance toward making me a believer (or Steamlieber). That, or the guy playing’s some kind of ninja touchpad wizard.

That guy would be Valve engineer Jeff Bellinghausen, giving us a look at what it’s like today to play several different types of PC games on a prototype version of the Steam Controller (the same version, says Valve, that it’ll ship to 300 lucky Steam users before year’s end).

First up, Portal 2, the company’s space-bending puzzler, which seems to control like a dream in Bellinghausen’s hands (I’m assuming those are Bellinghausen’s anyway and not a hand model). Notice how precisely and quickly he’s able to turn and stop precisely when finessing the view, acing 180-degree turns while jumping and dropping objects right where he wants them or hurling them onto platforms just…

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